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The Work Camping Lifestyle: Living Free of Space Rent

You can live in two beautiful seasonal destinations each year and not pay rent or utility bills.

The full-time RV lifestyle is becoming very popular, especially among the many baby boomer retirees.

They’re moving to full-time RV living on the road, enjoying seasonal relocation for fine weather and beautiful surroundings.

Even if they can afford the expenses of RV park space rental, many prefer to offset some or all of the expense while keeping busy.

You’ll be required to work in the park doing a little office, store, or yard work for free space rental and some or all of your utilities.

Some parks also pay wages in addition to the free space rent. Often a minimum number of hours apply to your space rent, with excess hours paid at a stated hourly wage rate.  

Finding Work Camper Jobs

There are websites that publish work camping positions. Some specialize in state or national park placements.

These would be limited services and more remote parks, and the work campers’ duties would normally be escorting people to their spaces, lawn work, cleanup, and restroom cleaning.

The work camper normally gets a full hookup space with all utilities, even if the camper spaces have limited hookups.

In privately owned parks the duties are often advertised for couples. One would work in the office with the booking software and other camper services.

The other would work outdoors, do minor repairs, and handle other park duties.

Often the time required for work to get the free space and partial or full utilities is 16 to 30 hours per week split between the couple.

One site, WorkKamper, publishes jobs around the country, and for a subscription fee, you can build a profile and let campgrounds seek you out.  If this lifestyle appeals to you, there are other benefits.

Other top sites for work camping jobs are Kamper Jobs and Workamping Jobs.

High demand vacation areas can carry much higher space rental fees in the popular season.

For example, a beachfront RV park in Florida may charge $700/month for a summer space, while charging $1,000/month in the winter.

It works the same with varying rates in the mountains in the summer. As these parks need more staff in the high season, you can get a work camping position when rates are high, but you’re staying free.

Preparation for the Lifestyle

If you can find a local RV park with friendly management, they may let you sit in and see the software they’re using for reservations and space management.

There are two or three systems used by most parks, and many work camping positions require knowing how to use their software.

You may be able to offer to help for free during busy times to get experience on the software.

You are trading some of your independence for this lifestyle, so think about it.  Work schedules vary sometimes a few days a week, but often you’re working weekends.  You have to fit your area enjoyment into your free time schedule.  If it’s a couples deal, be sure you understand what time you both have off.

Work camping can be the ideal lifestyle for your budget and urge to change your location from time to time.

For seasonal positions, and if the owner likes you, you can often get an offer to return the next season and you’re on a regular schedule.

You can live in two beautiful seasonal destinations each year and not pay rent or utility bills.

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