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7 Tips for Teachers to Prepare for the First Day of School

Preparing for the first day of school begins way before the kids start pouring in

The first day of school can bring jitters and excitement for everyone; from the teachers and students, to the parents and faculty.

To make sure the first day goes off without a hitch, as a teacher, you must be prepared.

However, preparing for the first day of school begins way before the kids start pouring in.

Here are 7 Ways to Get Prepared for the First Day of School as a Teacher:

1. Meet with the other teachers and staff to learn about the school before you start lesson planning.
Even if you’re not new to the school, there’s a good chance there will be new teachers there. Get acquainted with everyone before the first day, including the school nurse, counselor, cafeteria workers, administrators and other school support staff that you will soon be seeing on a daily basis.

2. Get a feel for the school’s most important activities and events by looking at the previous year’s curriculum, yearbook or school newspaper.
Learn the ‘lay of the land’ by familiarizing yourself with the building and the grounds. This especially applies if you are a new teacher to the school.

3. When it comes to your lesson plans, get up-to-date on the state, district and school’s standards for the subject and grades you are teaching.
Use textbooks as a guideline, but not as the actual curriculum. Find out what’s mandatory and fill out the rest with your own ideas.

The summer is the best time to ask questions of the principal and administrators. However, try not to bombard them with queries. Pick out the most pressing questions and put them all in one email.

4. Establish a homework policy right away, because the students need to be aware of the expectations.
Keep in mind that you may have to make adjustments to your homework policy once the year gets into full swing.

5. Decide how you want to arrange the desks in your classroom.
You might want them in groups facing each other, or traditionally, with everyone facing you. It all depends upon your teaching philosophy and style.

6. Decorate your classroom to help make your students feel comfortable.
This will be “home” for a lot of the school year, so invite that warmth into an otherwise boring environment of white walls, floors and ceilings.

7. Finally, don’t forget to write a welcome letter to the parents.
Include the rules of your classroom, your homework policy and any other pertinent information.

On the first day, get to your class early and open the blinds to let some light in the classroom. Then, you’ll be ready for a great school year.

Bernie Prince
Bernie Prince
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