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Redland Media LLC launches Shop US Products, a New Website to Promote American Businesses

The initiative aims to help US small businesses during the current government overreach.

Redland Media LLC, the company behind the popular sites Yard and Garage and Generators List, has launched a new website exclusively for US-based companies. Shop US Products will feature online, retail, and wholesale companies that manufacture their products in America.

The site is designed to provide an easy way for consumers looking for made-in-the-US items to find them from one place.

“We know that there are lots of great U.S.-made options out there,” said founder Matthew Warren, “we just need help finding them.” The new website was launched September 18th, 2021. Per Mr. Warren, it is too soon to forecast traffic estimates for the new venture.

The company features sites that boast over 100,000 monthly pageviews and hopes this initiative will create more transparency between brands and shoppers while providing convenience for those who seek out U.S.-made options for their purchases.

“We’ve seen similar businesses focus on specific geographic areas with great success,” says Warren. “And, we see a lot of room for this in the American-made space.”

The site will feature brands’ logos and provide links to relevant sites where shoppers can find more information about the products.

The site will feature an easy-to-navigate interface for users to browse through brands and find American-made items that are relevant to their needs. Brands have the ability to provide links directly to their stores, specific product pages, or landing pages where they can highlight more information about their company.

Warren says the company does not intend on charging businesses to be listed on the new site, but declined to comment further on possible revenue methods.

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Bernie Prince
Bernie Prince
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