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Remembering Norm MacDonald with One of My Favorite Clips

His fans will miss that old chunk of coal.

Norm MacDonald was a comedian who had been making people laugh for decades. He spent his life on the stage, and he made millions of people smile with his jokes.

He also helped to create some of the most iconic moments in modern comedy, including one of our favorite sketches, “Celebrity Jeopardy.”

We are saddened by Norm’s passing but grateful for all that he gave us. His legacy will live on through those who he made laugh.

One of my favorite Norm bits was when he hosted the YouTube Comedy Week. His style compared with his younger, more obedient co-hosts makes for some great comedy.

Bernie Prince
Bernie Prince
Bernie Prince is the managing reporter for Say It News. He has a deep love of science fiction and history. His goal is to bring stories about these topics back into mainstream media coverage, which many other news websites miss. Bernie's favorite part of reporting is finding new ways to tell old stories with new facts or insights, giving them an updated twist that his readers will find interesting.

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