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Millennial Dads are Spending More on Groceries

Food marketers should pay attention to the trends of Millennial Dads and how they shop.

Previously grocery shopping was viewed as a thing that the lady of the house took care of. However, this is changing little by little with an emergence of a new generation ‘Y’ by the name millennial dads.

These dads are demonstrating a peculiar character and are leaving the older generation mentality of gender roles sensitivity and norms.

They are changing the so-called duties of fathers and are spending enough time with their children, carrying out household shopping, and of course, spending considerable amounts of money.

Shopping Behavior of Millennial Dads

The young dad is more frequent in doing his household shopping per week than the previous generation. Research shows that millennial dads can shop 40% more in a week than older men. That translates to an average of four to five times a week of shopping trips compared to their more former mates who shop at most once a week.

Again, researchers indicate that the shopping behavior of ladies and men is different. Millennial dads have an advantage of spending lesser time in doing their shopping and tend to be doing it weekly rather than monthly. Food marketers need to have this in their mind to keep pace with this vibrant generation.

According to RetailDive.com, Millennial dads get information about what to buy through online searches, and they’re likely to make more purchases of beer and protein related foods than women.

What Should Be Done to Market Food to Dads

After knowing entrance of millennial dads into the market, as a food marketer, you should focus on promoting your food brands by creating a positive reputation of fathers, and also enhance their online shopping platform to make it easier for dads to carry out their searches.

Food brands should build confidence with millennial dads who are yet to establish loyalty to the particular brand of household goods just as they did with female customers. However, it is good to note that, the burden of household shopping does not entirely fall on men, therefore, when a marketer is doing his or her advert should balance the two genders and have something that targets millennial parents.

Millennial dads are continually purchasing light beers and an assortment of foods with a significant amount of protein. As a food marketer, it is essential to have plenty of these products–this will increase your unit sales.

Married men with kids buy snacks, beverages, and cereals more often than those who do not have children. To win these millennial dads, have an online shopping App that can be installed in the smartphone because they search products and shop online.


To sum up everything, trends in the market should not be ignored by any profit conscious marketer and this calls for the acute focus on this emerging business trend so as to grow your business.

These young dads that are between the ages of 18 to 35 need to know the best product they should buy for their household use.

Marketing food for dads should be prioritized keeping in mind that these millennial dads don’t have brand loyalty unlike previous generations.

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