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The Insurance Industry is Making Use of Drone Technology

Drones are new tools in the insurance industry toolbox to lower risk and save money.

Drones are becoming popular in the insurance industry, as aerial photography can help assess damages to property or injuries to people. This is great for both the insured and the insurer; it provides better evidence, which makes it easier for insurers to process claims more quickly.

It also helps with settling disputes between parties because they know what happened before any money changes hands.

Drones are also less expensive than traditional methods of examining an accident scene, like sending out a team to take pictures by hand or using a helicopter.

A few years ago drones were too difficult and costly for most insurers to use, but now that prices have come down there’s no reason not to use them when appropriate!

According to Ben Brookes of Lloyd’s, “It could be that an insurer gets approached by one of its customers saying they want to fit drones onto their vehicles. From our perspective that is something which can be considered. The key thing here is safety and the weight of the drone has to be taken into account.”

Using drones for underwriting purposes will allow the insured to save money. Some drones are now able to take video footage, so the insurer can determine if vandalism or other acts were committed before it was damaged.

They also could help settle disputes by providing evidence that proves who is at fault for an accident. The use of drones in insurance will likely increase as their price drops and technology advances over time.

Compared to the high costs of using helicopters or sending teams out into dangerous environments, drones are much more cost effective because they can be programmed for specific tasks.

Drones could also potentially save lives because they are smaller and lower to the ground than traditional aircraft.

Bernie Prince
Bernie Prince
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