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How to Care For Your Car Tires and Make Them Last

Tires aren’t just rugged pieces of rubber. Though they might seem to just make the wheels work, they need proper care otherwise they will get damaged soon and you won’t only be stuck with an unavailable car, but with a big bill too.

Moreover, you might even get involved in accidents due to faulty tires so don’t even think of ignoring their maintenance and replacement.

Caring for your tires implies a few basic procedures that anyone can do:

Avoid spinning them excessively.

Even if the vehicle is stuck, don’t spin those tires for hours. The extreme centrifugal forces can even trigger tire explosion and lead to injuries.

It is best to stick to a speed below 35 mph and to try to move your car around back and forward to move further.

Don’t ever try to mount your tires.

Does it seem easy to install tires? It seems to be a manly thing to do, right?

It’s not and mounting them inadequately can lead to lots of trouble, even injuries and accidents.

So forget about transforming tire mounting into a DIY project. It is one of the worst ones you could ever get involved in.

Look for a specialized team that handles everything related to tires and ask for their assistance. Find one that is highly recommended by the previous customers.

Check the inflation pressure.

Any manufacturer suggests a certain level. This isn’t only to support their durability, but to insure optimum performance as well.

Over-inflating them can lead to vibrations which can affect the whole ride, while under-inflation can trigger several technical damages. These will make a hole in your budget so don’t even think of skipping it.

Maintain your wheels.

Any car needs wheel alignment, as well as wheel balancing and tire rotation. These terms might seem new to you, but they are the key to care for your tires and for your own passengers.

Check them every once in a while.

Tire integrity can be checked by an untrained eye every once in a while. If you notice visible damage, it means the tires need to be replaced as soon as possible. These tires aren’t suitable for driving.

Ask for an expert’s opinion.

If you bumped into a very big obstacle, you should verify whether it didn’t cause any damage within the tire. Inside damages might not be visible, but they will only get worse after a while.

Tires are like any other tool–if you take good care of them, they’ll last a long time.

Bernie Prince
Bernie Prince
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